Fireside Coffee Company Small Batch Roast Coffee

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Whole roasted beans from Fireside Coffee Company, an artisan coffee roaster located just outside the town of Flint, Michigan. It's about appreciating the craft of creating really good coffee - from the farm, to the roaster, to your mug.

Sunday Morning Blend: A medium roast that combines Mokka, Heirloom, Pacamara & San Ramon varieties to create a blend with intense & deep tasting notes of orange, cherries, and caramel. Beans from Indonesia, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Papau New Guinea regions.

House Blend: The house favorite, the blend features intense acidity and full body with creamy, fruity & floral notes.  The finish is smooth with a spicy caramel aftertaste. Region: Indonesia, Ethiopia, Honduras. Tasting Notes: Fruit, Floral, Caramel, Spices. Roast: Medium

Lintong: A dark roast with Earthy, floral, soft tobacco, and spice notes. Lintong properly describes only coffees grown in the relatively small region of Lintongnihuta just southwest of Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia. The coffee is grown without shade, but also without chemicals of any kind, and almost entirely by small holders.

Barrel-Aged Drunken Tiger: Medium roast beans from Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia that are aged in an Elijah Craig whiskey barrel from Heaven Hill Distilleries for a smooth oaky flavor and whiskey finish.

Barrel-Aged Hops and Whiskey: Medium roast beans from the regions of Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, and Honduras that are aged in barrels from Founder's Brewing Company, originally used for barrel-aged beer. Light and smooth beer notes, with hints of hops and whiskey.

12oz Bags of Whole Beans